The PWOG Difference

At Pacific Women’s Obstetrics & Gynecology, your own obstetrician will see you at almost every visit, so that we can work together to help achieve your birth goals. We believe in shared decision making and collaboration. Our practice works with a skilled group of doulas, and our birth classes will prepare you to make confident, informed choices.

Our goal during prenatal care is to forge a strong bond with you and guide you through all of the physical and emotional changes this special time can bring. We welcome your partner, family, and support community throughout your care.

Unlike the majority of practices, our location within footsteps of CPMC’s Labor and Delivery floor and our 'private practice' model enables us to deliver our own patients more frequently, providing continuity from prenatal care through delivery and postpartum. We are committed to vaginal delivery whenever possible, but we are also skilled and experienced dealing with high risk pregnancies and complications. We provide seamless care from your first visit through your postpartum time and beyond.

The OB staff at CPMC respects your wishes and supports your goals. Our Newborn Intensive Care Nursery is one of the best in the country, with neonatologists and nurses who manage the most complex infant health issues 24/7. And at CPMC, we have no interns, residents, or other trainees. In all instances, a stable team of seasoned professionals provides all care and serves as 'first responders'.

At Pacific Women’s, we strive to make your pregnancy and birth experience exceptional, and it is our privilege to share this special time with you and your growing family.

Pacific Women’s Obstetrics & Gynecology provides a wide range of obstetrical care including:

  • Natural/unmedicated childbirth
  • Management of healthy pregnancies
  • Management of high risk pregnancies, including twins, triplets
  • IVF pregnancy management
  • Management of preterm labor and pregnancy complications
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Operative deliveries (C-section, vacuum, forceps)
  • Psychosocial changes during pregnancy