COVID 19 Vaccine Updated March 15, 2021

The CDC has categorized pregnant women as 1C, at potentially higher risk for complications should a person contract COVID19 than the general population under age 50. Of course, no data exist about the long term effects of COVID19 or the vaccine; however several medical experts have concluded that the risks of the disease likely exceed the theoretical 'unknowns' about the vaccine. As such, you should make your decision based upon your personal preferences, any other risk factors, and your potential viral exposures.

For more information to aid in your decision please visit this link. The American College of OB/GYN website includes up-to-date information regarding vaccines for pregnant and nursing women. Data are limited, so the decision to vaccinate depends on your own assessment of COVID19 exposure risk.

Finally, San Francisco County is administering vaccines on the honor system, ie, you do NOT require documentation of pregnancy to sign up for a vaccine.

To help you decide whether to accept the vaccine, please refer to the websites below.

Please wait for further CDPH and San Francisco Dept of Public Health announcements before contacting us. Thank you.

COVID 19 Vaccination Sites by Bay Area Counties

Current vaccine allocations are set by the state Department of Health. To find out if you are eligible for the vaccine please visit

You may also want to familiarize yourself with local opportunities for vaccination. Please check the county(s) where you reside and work for vaccination opportunities.

Alameda County:
Marin County:
San Mateo County:
San Francisco County:
Santa Clara County: