Five Unexpected Birth Control Side Effects

Birth control can take some time to properly navigate. There is no one size fits all method, which is why numerous methods exist. Your comfort, convenience, and overall satisfaction with birth control is important and should not be disregarded. It’s common for women to try one form of birth control and find that there’s a need to make a change, whether because there’s something just not working out or family planning goals have shifted in some way. One aspect of birth control use that should be more commonly discussed is birth control’s side effects. Side effects can sometimes be a dealbreaker for your current contraception. It’s important for women to know that their doctor is always open to discussing a change if needed, and that talking to your doctor about side effects is important.

You don’t have to live with something that is lowering your quality of life. There are many options out there to ensure that you can have a safe and healthy sex life without risking pregnancy or experiencing negative symptoms.

We’ve outlined five unexpected birth control symptoms women can experience that might mean it’s time to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist below.

  1. Diminished sex drive: Birth control regulates your hormones in a very specific way to prevent pregnancy, but they can also lower your sex drive. This might take some time to notice, but it is possible. Different dosages and methods of birth control can be offered to reverse this symptom if present.
    2. Weight gain: Hormones play a significant role in weight gain and weight loss. There are some health conditions whose main symptoms are one or the other. Birth control can make a woman gain weight over time. This weight can be difficult to lose unless the current method is discontinued or altered.
  2. Acne: For some women, birth control can improve the quality of their skin, for others, it can cause acne and redness. Sometimes this clears up after you’ve been on whatever form you’re using for a few months, but sometimes it means you’ll need to change your birth control for something less irritating.
  3. Hair growth: Again, because birth control involves changes to hormones, you may notice an increase in your body’s overall hair growth.
  4. Blood pressure changes : Women using birth control may notice changes to their blood pressure. If you are feeling unwell since starting a new form of birth control, it is essential that you connect with your doctor immediately to have your blood pressure checked as well as an overall wellness visit.

We want to be clear that the above symptoms are not guaranteed to occur just because you use birth control. Many women use birth control for decades without issue. We simply wanted to note that unpleasant symptoms do not have to be tolerated or ignored just because you’re already using one form of contraception. A simple appointment with your gynecologist can offer a new birth control method.

Birth control has made a significant difference in the lives of millions of women. Offering control over family planning and removing painful menstrual cycle symptoms can be life-changing for countless women around the world. While it is not without complications or trial and error, it should not be discounted for its benefits. Please consider speaking with your doctor about birth control that best suits your lifestyle today.

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