Postpartum Depression Symptoms You Need to Know About

Postpartum depression is a potential complication of childbirth, but the perception of the condition can vary. It’s a serious condition and needs to be monitored and considered carefully by new mothers and their family, friends, and physicians. It’s true that many women experience what is known as the “baby blues,” feelings that include sadness, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping and concentrating plus loss of appetite — and that these symptoms can fade after a week or two as women adjust to life as a new mom. However, if these symptoms continue and/or escalate in severity, then medical care is needed.

Please take note, postpartum depression symptoms are serious and should not be taken lightly or passed off as something women just need to “deal with” or “push through.” Please consult your physician if you suspect postpartum depression.

Five primary postpartum depression symptoms you need to know about:

  • Severe mood swings, sadness, anxiety, irritability
  • Panic attacks
  • The inability to bond with your baby
  • Thoughts of self-harm or harm to your baby
  • Suicidal thoughts

Additional symptoms to consider include:

  • An intense fear that you are a “bad mother”
  • Consistent crying or needing to cry
  • Loss of interest in family, friends, favorite activities, food
  • Feelings of deep shame and guilt

Each woman’s post-childbirth experience can differ widely from those of other new mothers, and for those women who experience any of the above symptoms, it can feel as if they’re failing as a mother, but this is 100% untrue. It is critical that women and/or the family and friends of women who recognize the symptoms (especially if they are severe) seek medical care immediately. There is no reason to suffer, especially as there are many forms of treatment and support systems available. Please consider your health and well-being as a priority during a time when a new baby normally comes first.

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